Sevylor Tahiti Inflatable Kayak Review

sevylor tahiti kayak review

Regardless of whether you are looking to hit the waves for some exercise, taking in the light breeze and warm sun on a nice day, fishing or something more adventurous with some friends or family, the Sevylor Tahiti Kayak is worth considering.

Although made to high standards by Sevylor, who have been making kayaks since 1963, it should be noted that it is a low price for a reason. However weighs a little less than 25 lbs and is easy to inflate and deflate, it taking only a couple of minutes and when it is not in use it can be stored away compactly, very easily. The boat should be seen as more of a beginners boat, because although it will handle various types of water and weather conditions well, it won’t if they are too extreme.

Heavy Duty PVC

As we stated above, don’t expect for the price a sturdier than anything boat, but for its price the Sevylor Tahiti kayak will last long enough and deliver a safe and comfortable paddling experience. It is made from very high quality and heavy duty PVC to ensure it lasts long enough for you to enjoy it properly.

Roomy Enough For 2 People

The Tahiti has been designed to carry 2 people and their equipment safely. The two seats on-board are very comfortable and as they themselves are inflatable they offer good back support and can be moved around a little or removed completely depending on your preference. It can take a total capacity of 200 Kg/ 400 lbs, so that should be more than enough for you and a friend to use it to hit the waters.

Can Take A Lot Of Weight And Offers Some Storage Space

While there is no argument that this is a starter boat, it is still capable of holding a large amount of weight and has a maximum capacity of 200 kg. This means that two people can sit more or less comfortably on-board with a small amount of room at the back for some equipment and other essentials.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Sevylor Tahiti Kayak
  • Bow and Stern Carry Handles
  • 2 x Inflatable Seats


  • Very competitively priced
  • Lightweight and portable, both when inflated and when not
  • Features bow and stern carry handles for easier transportation
  • Comfortable amount of room for two people
  • Enough storage space for essential gear and accessories
  • Capable of holding a lot of weight – maximum capacity 200 kg/400 lbs
  • Self bailing making it easier to paddle and control
  • Comfortable, inflatable seats
  • Sturdy design made from high quality and robust PVC


  • Not suitable for a more experienced paddler looking to take it white water rafting or paddling in anything too extreme etc.

Customer Opinions And Ratings

Just like with any product you buy online, when you are trying to choose the best kayak to invest in you should consider the reviews submitted by customers who have bought and used them. When looking at the reviews and rating for the Sevylor Tahiti kayak on Amazon, it’s clear to see that most customers were happy enough with their purchase.

There have been to date, 117 reviews placed on Amazon regarding the boat and an impressive 73 of those all gave it the full 5 stars out of 5. With only a handful of customers giving anything less than 4 stars. The vast majority of customers highlighted and praised the stability of this kayak and that it is very comfortable for a variety of different sized people.

Although there were minor complaints from the few customers who gave it negative reviews that it was not very good quality, most praised the sturdiness and robustness of the high quality PVC and were surprised at its performance despite the low price. It is definitely a product better suited to beginners though.


In conclusion, you have to think about what you are looking for from a kayak before making the decision to buy any model. If you are an experienced kayaker and are looking to hit the white water rapids at the weekend, this is probably not the best boat for you. If you are looking to just get started in this fun sporting activity and are not worried about heading out onto too extreme water conditions, and are just looking to build your level of experience up, then this particular boat is for you. It is hardy enough to last good use in moderate waters and is comfortable enough for most people and for such a low price you can’t really beat it.