Sevylor Riviera 2 Person Kayak Review

Sevylor Riviera Kayak

Are you new to kayaking and happen to be searching for the perfect kayak for beginners? If so, the Sevylor Riviera 2-person kayak makes a good choice, and with good reasons. Not only is this kayak stable, light, comfortable, and safe, it also allows you to bring a friend or family member along to enjoy the ride.

The following Sevylor Riviera 2 Person kayak review offers some useful information to let you know exactly what you stand to gain when you invest in this particular model. Read on to learn about the features, pros, and cons of the Sevylor Riviera 2 Person kayak.

Uses the Backpack System

For most inflatable kayaks, transporting from one place to another entails deflating the vessel, rolling it up, and carrying it by hand or placing it in a bag. The Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak, however, takes portability to a whole new level. This kayak features an innovative system that enables you to transform the vessel into a backpack for easy transportation. And the best part is that you can adjust the shoulder straps of the kayak and therefore carry it in comfort.

Features a Light But Strong Construction

The Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak features a light yet strong construction that makes it both durable and convenient to the user. Weighing only 10kg, the kayak is highly portable and also easy to steer while out in the water. The heavy-duty PVC body also gives the vessel a long lifespan and amazing performance that can withstand pressure without ripping or tearing.

Has Supportive Inflatable Seats

The Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak enables you to have a great time kayaking thanks to its highly supportive inflatable seats. The seats help reduce the effort you put into paddling, allowing you to take in the scenery and enjoy the kayaking experience instead of directing every ounce of energy to get to places you won’t get to enjoy once you’ve arrived (due to being too exhausted).

What’s In the Box?

  • The Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak
  • 1 aluminum paddle


  • Easy to inflate and deflate thanks to its Boston valves
  • Inflatable seats provide adequate support
  • Features a pressure gauge that enables you to inflate the kayak to the ideal pressure quickly
  • Has 2 inflatable side chambers for additional safety


  • Does not come with a skeg

Consumer Ratings 
The Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak has so far been reviewed 46 times on Amazon and boasts an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. Twenty six of the reviewers have rated the Kayak a full 5 stars. Most of these users credit the kayak as a great vessel, which they find easy to guide and sturdy enough to accommodate 2 adults.

However, the most common complaint is that the kayak does not feature skegs, which is a problem that can be solved by buying kayak skegs separately.

From these reviews, it’s clear to see that the Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak will make a great first buy for anyone new to kayaking.

Spacious, comfortable, and sturdily built, the Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak offers you everything you could possibly want to have during a kayaking experience. And to top those benefits up, the kayak comes with a very affordable price tag. Therefore, if you’re looking to buy your very first kayak, the Sevylor Riviera 2-person Kayak is definitely worth a closer look.