Intex Challenger K2 Kayak 2 Person Review

Intex K2 Challenge 2 People

If you’re in the market for a new kayak, Intex is one of the best brands to keep a lookout on since the company offers a long line of inflatable boats suited for different users and riding conditions.

For example, the Intex Challenger K2 will make a perfect buy for anyone in need of a kayak that’s suitable for relatively calm conditions. This kayak has plenty of features to offer as well, which I shall spell out for you in the following review. Keep reading to discover the best aspects of this inflatable boat and its downsides in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Designed for Easy Assembly and Handling

The Intex Challenger K2 is very easy to assemble. It only takes between 8 to 10 minutes to set everything up and inflate the kayak fully using the high-capacity hand pump provided.

There are different air chambers to inflate: one for the floor and the other in the main hull. You’ll also have to inflate the removable front seat separately before snapping snap it into place using the nylon hooks attached to the floor of the kayak. To help with proper inflation, the kit comes with a flexible 10cm ruler. By placing the ruler against two 10cm markings on the boat, you can easily tell whether it is over or under inflated.

Once you’re done with inflating the kayak and attaching the seat, you’ll need to assemble the paddles. These paddles feature plastic collars that screw into place easily. The 84’ aluminum oars are also very sturdy and have rubberized hand grips for increases comfort.

After which, all that’s left to do is to shove the kayak into water. To help you out, the Intex Challenger K2 kayak comes with a grab line on both ends to tow the boat in and out of the water with minimal fuss.

Spacious 2-Person Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 is a tandem kayak, meaning it can seat two adults one in front of the other. It can also easily accommodate one adult and two small children, or three kids. With the K2, you can remove the front seat to turn it into a solo kayak too.

Measuring only 138 (L) x 30 (W) x 15 (H) inches when inflated, the Intex Challenger K2 is very spacious. There is a cargo net on the boat’s nose, perfect for placing all your essentials like water bottles, snack packs, or even the day’s catch when coming back from a fishing trip.

The K2 Intex Challenger can handle a maximum weight of 350lbs (equivalent to 160kg).

Streamlined, Durable and Compact Design

Paddling the K2 Intex Challenger should be easy. It has a streamlined design featuring a removable skeg at the bottom, which provides additional stability when navigating in a straight line. What’s more, the kayak performs well with its rugged design. The tough vinyl materials used to construct the kayak are not only puncture resistant but also capable of withstanding salt water, gasoline, and oil.

After a fun day of kayaking, the K2 Intex Challenger folds away easily for storage. It only weights about 30lb when fully deflated, which means that it’s light enough to carry along with your camping gear.

What’s in the Box?

  • The Intex Challenger K2 inflatable kayak with chair (deflated and packed in a large nylon carrying bag)
  • 2 x Paddles
  • 1 x Hand pump
  • 1 x Repair kit
  • Owner’s manual


  • Compact design makes the kayak easy to carry and store
  • Assembly if fast and simple
  • Features rugged design for added durability
  • Streamlined design for easy paddling
  • Convenient cargo net for extra storage
  • The 11 foot long boat provides plenty of legroom


  • Comes with a manual hand pump, which inflates at slower rate than an automated electrical pump

Consumer Ratings
Out of the 64 customer reviews that the Intex Challenger K2 has received on Amazon so far, it has a rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5 stars. Most buyers claim that the kayak is very stable on the water and are pleased with its performance.

Some of the common complaints include the front seat sinking slightly and that the paddles sometimes break. However, these issues can be avoided by properly inflating the seat and kayaking in suitable conditions.

If you’re looking for a good starter kayak and are on a budget, the K2 Intex Challenger is worth buying. It costs only a fraction of what you’ll pay for a hard body recreational sit-on-top kayak. The best part is that this inflatable kayak is lightweight and performs just as good as a solid boat on calm water.