5 Essentials To A Successful Kayaking Trip

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So you have decided it is finally time to get on the white waters and go kayaking with your mates, for that trip you have putting off for many years now. It is always nerve-racking taking up a new sport or pastime, particularly when it is one as fast-paced and exhilarating as kayaking. You want to make sure you have everything you need but aren’t really sure where to begin. What equipment and gear is crucial to have an enjoyable and safe experience on your first kayaking adventure?

Regardless if you are going white water kayaking, a fishing trip or just a gentle trip down the river, make sure you have at least the following 5 essential items. Even before you start shopping for items, as you will see from our guide below, you need to work out what type of kayaking adventure you will be going on.

Choose The Best Kayak

Now, one of the first things you will notice if you browse kayaks online there are various types available and trying to choose the right one from this selection can be overwhelming. It’s crucial that you know everything you can about your kayak from top to bottom before you hit the water. It is also vital to know where exactly you are going for your trip, how long you are going for and the kayaking skill level you have at your disposal.

If you are only planning a day of kayaking on calm waters and are either a beginner or intermediate kayaker, you are best to opt for a recreational kayak. However, if you have a little more experience and are planning on a longer trip over rough waters, you need to choose a touring kayak.

Choose The Best Paddle

It may sound relatively easy – choosing the best paddle for your kayak. However, there is more than you may have considered that goes into choosing the right paddle. As well as having an impact on the level of comfort you have during your trip, it can obviously also effect the level of safety you have. Therefore, it is vital that you decide on the best paddle for your planned trip. Information that can help you make this decision include – the level of experience you have, the type of waters you will be paddling through as well as the length, width and height of your kayak.

Importance Of Life Jackets

With any sport or activity on the water, safety is always paramount. Even if you are a very competent and experienced swimmer, you should still carry either a personal flotation device (PFD) or a life jacket. Always stay safe and prepare for the worst, whether you are touring, fishing or just taking a little trip up stream and always take into consideration the strength of the currents on the water you intend to kayak. This could mean the difference between having a great experience and ending up in hospital or worse.

Importance Of Safety Helmets

Another part of the puzzle to having the right equipment for the safest and most enjoyable kayaking trip possible, is considering whether you need a safety helmet or not. White water kayaking is where it is most necessary as hitting rocks is a common occurrence, meaning the difference between living and dying. Although you will not need helmets if you are only fishing on gentle waters, it doesn’t help to have one just in case.

Choosing The Best Clothing For Kayaking

It is crucial to ensure that you dress appropriately for the specific setting and circumstances you will be kayaking in and under. While it may feel nice hot and sunny above the water level, it may feel anything but that underwater, if you find yourself out of the boat by accident. When kayaking, the key to choosing the best clothing is layering and it is important that you not only dress for the weather but the water also, because even though you may be safe and not end up in the water you will definitely get very wet.

As you can see, the specifics of what you need for one type of kayaking trip may be different for another. You need to work out the fine details of your trip before you start browsing and buying items and then by following the guide above you can find all the most essential items to ensure you have a fun, exciting and very safe time out on the waters in your kayak.